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Community stories

Read how providers and patients can use virtual visits to improve access to health care.

  • Pediatric psychiatrist using her computer to conduct a virtual visit.
    Provider Story

    Transforming access to pediatric mental health care with telehealth

    Learn how providers can use telehealth to improve access to mental health care.

  • School counselor sitting next to child with special needs looking at a computer screen.
    Provider Story

    Telehealth for mental health care in rural schools

    Telehealth can help provide mental health care to students living in rural places.

  • Parte posterior de una camioneta, con dos puertas de entrada y un cartel en el lateral en el que se lee “Servicio de Salud del Condado de Carolina —Salud Mental—“ y un número de teléfono.
    Provider Story

    Mobile clinics for substance use disorder

    Mobile clinics can help people with substance use disorder who live in rural areas.

  • Parent and child sitting on a couch greeting provider on the computer screen
    Patient Story

    Using telehealth to connect kids to mental health care

    Learn how children and families use telehealth to access mental health care.

  • Young woman teaching older adult how to use computer.
    Provider Story

    Using digital navigators to get telehealth care

    Digital navigators can teach patients how to get health care from home or work.

  • people talking at a table.
    Provider Story

    Building telehealth partnerships

    Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands create telehealth programs.

  • Female doctor on computer screen providing a virtual visit to a patient in a clinic through telehealth.
    Patient Story

    How telehealth helps patients access care

    Learn how telehealth provided in a mobile clinic helps health center patients access care.