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What happens after my telehealth visit?

Learn what to expect after your telehealth appointment. This includes how to follow-up and access your information online.

Illustration of a tablet displaying a healthcare provider waving goodbye to a man outside the tablet. The man is waving goodbye back to the medical provider.

What do I need to do after my appointment?

After your telehealth appointment:

  • Write down instructions. Have a pen and paper ready during your appointment. You can write down any important advice or directions from your health care provider.
  • Reach out with questions. It’s okay if you forget to ask something during the visit or if you need more information. You can always call or message your provider’s office with more questions.
  • Follow up as needed. Your provider may provide recommendations for next steps. They may suggest another appointment, another provider, a test, or medication. If you are not sure what to do, reach out to your provider’s office for help.
  • Share your experience. Your feedback is valuable. Let your provider know if there is something you liked or didn't like about your telehealth visit. This can help improve the experience in the future.

How do I access documents online?

Your health care provider may send you information after your telehealth visit. Some providers do this right in their patient portal (video). To prepare, you should:

  • Understand PDF files. Often your provider's office will send information in a PDF, or a portable document format file. If you see "pdf" as the end of the document's name, that is a PDF file. To look at these papers, you will need a special tool called a document reader.
  • Follow up. After your visit, your provider may send you information to help you stay healthy. This may include:
    • Reminders to do exercise or take your medicine
    • Ideas for eating better, moving around, or how to feel less stressed
    • Steps to follow to take care of yourself at home
    • Encouragement to motivate you to keep following your health plan

Disclaimer: The references to named document reader software for telehealth is informational and not intended as an endorsement of that service.

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