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Telehealth for school-based services
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Introduction to school-based telehealth

School-based telehealth improves and expands a student’s ability to access health care providers. Increased access to health care helps students stay or become healthy and focus on learning.

Examples of school-based telehealth appointments include:

  • Students seeing a health care provider for annual appointments
  • Students seeing a health care provider to monitor conditions like diabetes or asthma
  • Students getting behavioral health care to help them focus on learning

Telehealth provides many benefits to student patients, including:

  • Improved access to and availability of different types of care. Students who are already attending school will have easy access to health care providers, including specialists.
  • Reduced time away from class. Students can attend a telehealth appointment in the school environment and quickly return to class.
  • Reduced time and travel costs for the parent or guardian. Patients will have to travel to their health care provider’s office less frequently.

Types of school-based telehealth

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