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Telehealth for school-based services

Billing obligations for school, patient, or health care provider

If a child has insurance, parents or guardians will need to provide insurance information to the school or health care provider. Encourage the parents to determine if their insurance provider covers telehealth services. The requirements may vary based on the type of insurance.


While each state is different, most have expanded coverage for telehealth due to COVID-19. Many are now matching Medicare’s telehealth coverage. Check your state’s current laws and reimbursement policies to see what is covered. For updates on COVID-19 reimbursement and related Medicaid codes and procedures for your state, see:

Private insurance

Many code changes for COVID-19 care cover telehealth and include specific information for visits that are video- or audio-only. It is important to note that most states distinguish between reimbursement standards for permanent telehealth policies and temporary COVID-19 reimbursement policies. For tips on coding private insurance claims, see:

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