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A health care provider speaks with a patient with H-I-V through telehealth.

Telehealth for HIV care

HIV response and telehealth

Responding to HIV with telehealth requires a community-wide effort.

Cultural humility training

Providers and staff need to acknowledge the unique elements of every patient’s identity to give them the best HIV telehealth care possible.

Cultural humility training helps combat stigma and misinformation related to HIV. By fully understanding the complexity of a patient’s daily life, you can support them in ways that help them follow their HIV treatment plan.

Contact your local health department to find cultural humility training resources in your area.


Yale University School of Medicine

Established in 1984, The Yale University School of Medicine’s HIV/AIDS Care Program has partnered with community providers and AIDS services organizations for many years. With funding from HRSA’s Curing Hepatitis C among People of Color Living with HIV initiative, a Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Special Project of National Significance, Yale has partnered with 12 multisite HIV care clinics and six substance use and syringe service clinics in Fairfield and New Haven counties and the city of New London in Connecticut, most of which are HRSA funded.

The clinics in the partnership provide key services for uninsured patients, including medical care and treatment, support services, food, housing, and emergency financial assistance.