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A health care provider speaks with a patient with H-I-V through telehealth.

Telehealth for HIV care

Introduction to telehealth for HIV care

Regular appointment attendance can help patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) slow the progression of the disease, reduce risk of transmission, and improve health outcomes.

But factors like time and transportation challenges, the stigma surrounding HIV, and a shortage of HIV care providers can make following a care plan difficult.

Incorporating telehealth into a primary care practice can overcome these barriers by giving patients a safe, convenient way to access HIV prevention and care services.

This guide will highlight the needs and procedures for an HIV telehealth program.

Types of HIV and telehealth

Learn how providers can use telehealth to screen for and diagnose HIV.

Learn how providers can provide treatment for HIV with the help of telehealth.

Learn how providers can use telehealth to prevent HIV.

Learn how telehealth can be part of a community-wide effort to treat and prevent HIV.