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Wondering how to get started with telehealth? Check out the information below to better understand your options for virtual health care visits.

Patient standing and looking at a huge phone screen (larger than life) that has a provider inside of it. Waving to each other.

Why use telehealth?

Connecting with your health care provider online is a great way to get the health care you need from the comfort and safety of your home.

What are different types of telehealth?

There are many ways you can use telehealth to connect to your health care provider.

What can be treated through telehealth?

Telehealth can be used to treat a wide range of health conditions.

How do I schedule a telehealth appointment?

Many different types of health care providers are now using telehealth. Learn how to make an appointment with them.

How do I pay for telehealth?

The cost of your telehealth appointment depends on your insurance status and insurance coverage.

What do I need to use telehealth?

For most telehealth visits, you need internet and a device like a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

What should I know before my telehealth visit?

Learn tips to help your telehealth visit run smoothly.

What if I'm having trouble using telehealth?

Find tips on how to prevent problems and what to do if you experience technical issues.

What happens after my telehealth visit?

Learn what to expect after your telehealth appointment. This includes how to follow-up and access your information online.