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For patients

Wondering how to get started with telehealth? Check out the information below to better understand your options.

Patient standing and looking at a huge phone screen (larger than life) that has a doctor inside of it. Waving to each other.

COVID-19 self-assessment tools

For the sake of everyone’s safety and to reduce the load on the health care system, automated screening tools should be among the first telehealth options to consider. Here are two COVID-19 self-assessment tools based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): CDC Coronavirus Self-Checker and COVID-19 Screening Tool exit disclaimer icon .

You can search online for additional telehealth screening tools. Many of these tools are free, especially if they are COVID-19 related, and some of them may guide you to a virtual visit online after your assessment. You can also check with your doctor, your employer, your health insurance company, or your state to see if they recommend any related solutions.

Understanding telehealth

Find out what it is, what to expect during a visit, and what kind of care may be available.

Telehealth during the COVID-19 emergency

Whether you’re looking for health care related to COVID-19 or something else, find out more about how to prepare for the visit.