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5 telehealth tips for at-home health care

With telehealth, you can receive safe, high-quality care at home using your computer, tablet, or phone. Connecting with a health care provider through telehealth can offer a wide range of health care services.

This is particularly helpful if the nearest provider or specialist is far from your home, if it is difficult to get to a health care provider’s office, or if you live in a rural community or underserved area. is a trusted resource for both patients and providers to learn when and how to use telehealth services, offerings, best practices, and find answers to common questions. The following tips outline steps to take before a telehealth appointment to ensure the visit goes smoothly.

  1. Schedule an appointment: There are a number of options to locate a provider that uses telehealth. Ask your health care provider if they offer telehealth or locate a health care provider that delivers care using telehealth through your health insurance company. Note, most community health centers also provide care using telehealth.

  2. Get your info ready: Just like an in-person appointment, you should have a list of your current medications and questions or concerns ready to discuss with the provider.

  3. Pick a good location: Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can speak privately with the provider. If you are using a video camera, make sure that there is good lighting so the provider can see you.

  4. Be ready to connect: The day of your appointment, make sure your computer, tablet, or phone is charged or plugged in and that the internet connection is strong. Connect to your appointment five minutes early to ensure your camera is on and your audio is unmuted. If you have technical problems, information on troubleshooting telehealth technology can help fix most common issues.

  5. Position yourself for success: Make sure you are positioned in front of the camera so the provider can see you.

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Last updated: October 13, 2022

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